Let the trees express themselves

We always talk about the relationship between art and nature and how the artists try to merge these two realities, but this time we’ll try to turn roles upside-down and show how Nature itself can be the real protagonist of the art scene thanks to the project Tree drawings of the british artist Tim Knowles. He describes his project as “A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches, the wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper.  Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.”. We believe his work clearly shows how it’s possible to cross the boundaries of contemporary art, turning the artist into a co-protagonist and “editor” of nature: if long time ago landscape was only painted on a canvas closed by a picture frame and later it started to dialogue with arts through land art and installations, nowadays it is becoming the indispensable condition for the realization of the works. The artist plays the role of the curator, leaving the tree full freedom of invention.

Images taken from timknowles.co.uk

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